February 6 Sub Plans

Computer Applications:

1. Quiz on Microsoft Excel, Lessons 1 and 2

When you are finished, raise your hand or bring the quiz to the sub (as they direct), and then use the rest of the class to work on your Projects:

2. Project Time

- Finish Lesson 2 Projects (see wiki)

- Finish Excel Introduction Project (see wiki)

3. Save finished projects in the Y:Drive

Computer Concepts:

1. Read pg. 79. In your notes, define ergonomics, and explain why it is important.

2. Healthy Computing soundbyte

3. Soundbyte quiz

4. Virtual Computer Tour: SoundByte

5. Soundbyte Quiz

For both soundbytes, remember to locate them by finding the tia folder in the Y:Drive. Then open the tia 1 folder, and open the application. These soundbytes are located in the Lesson 2 section.
For both quizzes, remember to go to the wiki (to the home page) and click on the link that takes you to the companion website. Then click on Lesson 2, and click on Sound byte labs on the left hand side.
After you have completed these assignments, do a screen print. Then paste both screen prints into a Microsoft word document that contains your name.

6. Start homework sheet (Chapter 2 Key Elements – given to you in class on Wednesday). Remember that this assignment is due on Monday.